Sunday, 21 February 2016

About the book

About me
I have been researching the Baynes of Tulloch (1542-1762) for some years now. I have recently written a book about one of the descendants, John Bayne of Pitcairlie (1620-1681).

John Bayne (1620-1681)
Though a descendent of the Baynes of Tulloch, Dingwall, John Bayne spent all his life based in Edinburgh. He was a writer to the signet, a job equivalent to a government lawyer. The book shows his business acquaintances, his role as a writer to the signet and his legal clients. With his growing wealth, the records trace his property acquisitions including the estate of Pitcairlie, Fife. John Bayne funded student bursaries at both St Andrews and Edinburgh universities. The patronages of these bursaries were initially held by Sir William Bruce, Surveyor General of the King's properties in Scotland and Sir John Nisbet, Lord Advocate. After John Bayne’s death, his properties and estates were acquired by Sir Donald Bayne 5th of Tulloch.

The book
Well researched and thoroughly referenced. It has 96,5000 words, 278 pages and is very much a reference book rather than a popular biography. The book is self-published, in an attractive plain hardback cover with gold lettering, printed and bound by professional printer. A copy of the book may be viewed at the National Library of Scotland but this is reference only.
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John Bayne’s statue and mausoleum may be seen by the north wall of Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh. It is a ‘Grade A’  listed building and of great architectural significance. Despite all of this, Pitcairlie's historic tomb is in a very neglected state and desperately in need of renovation.